About TeslaCoin Trading

TeslaCoin Trader is a powerful AI-driven system for online trading. The platform supports the trading of hundreds of CFDs on crypto, stocks and commodities.

We help beginner traders bet on top global stocks, including those in the S&P 500. You can also use our tools to trade trending market indices. However, we are best known for altcoins trading.

We initially developed TeslaCoin Trader to trade the volatility of the TSLA coin. The system was updated a year later to trade other assets including the traditional ones. TeslaCoin Trader is a product of a privately registered company.

We are a trading software development company with headquarters in London and offices in Sydney and Johannesburg.

Our Team

TeslaCoin is an invention of a team of highly skilled traders. The platform is built on the trading secrets used by the big banks to beat the markets.

Our development team has expanded from 3 at launch to over 15 today. We are always open to new talent. Contact us through the form at the footer of this page if you feel you can add more value to our team.

TeslaCoin is available in over 70 countries globally. We are expanding our reach fast by partnering with leading international brokers. Our goal is to be available in every country that supports retail crypto CFDs trading.

TeslaCoin is the embodiment of one individual's insatiable curiosity and their quest to unearth answers to their inquiries about Bitcoin. The progenitor of TeslaCoin was already captivated by the enigma surrounding Satoshi Nakamoto, the enigmatic figure behind one of the most revolutionary forms of currency. However, their curiosity swiftly evolved into a fervor for trading this digital asset as they uncovered its true potential.

It took a span of three years to formulate trading strategies that genuinely flourished for the founder as a Bitcoin trader. By meticulously analyzing price patterns, deciphering the most influential factors impacting Bitcoin pricing, and identifying the most suitable trading tools for Bitcoin, they eventually amalgamated it all to establish TeslaCoin.

In 2024, the visionary founder shared their aspirations with a confidant, who subsequently connected them with a team of proficient programmers. Within a mere 15 months, they successfully crafted TeslaCoin, an all-encompassing repository of Bitcoin trading resources curated to cater to the needs of traders. Over time, the trading platform has undergone continuous enhancements and technological advancements, enabling seamless trades with just a few clicks.

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